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omg prince is really the prince!


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ok if u post the pic of u in a kilt i will post an embarassing pic of me, i have lots so u have a choice:

a Moulin rouge outfit (it was 4 a dance)
my costume 4 the rocky horror show
me with various animal hats on
a cowgirl outfit
a cheerleader

I have been 2 a lot of fancy dres parties lol. but i will only post them if u post ur kilt. In fact lets do a whole link of ppls emarassing photos. lol, i get the feeling this wont be popular. :biggrin:
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Guest Prince
You know, I have a kilt in the cupboard beside me. I could take a webcam image right now so it's all up to date... Maybe I will but some of y'all would have to post pics too lol
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ok i will start this off since i was the 1 with the idea, here is a link 4 a particualry embarassing1 when i went to the rocky horror show. Im the 1 on the right pulling the bizarre expression. We actually went on the train looking like that and when to a theatre lol.

If ppl post thiers i will post more.

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