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now when it comes to dr. dre the chronic is one of the best albums ever made since it plays out like a major motion picture, 2001 had some classic songs and it came out the same day as willennium, let's not forget that in 96 he put out a dope compilation  album called "dr dre presents...the aftermath"...in recent years he has been just focused on business side of things and less on music but with the hopes of keeping up with the nwa legacy to know that this album is weak would be devasting, i knew that he wasn't gonna really retire but if this album really fails he'll definately want to come back again to protect the legacy...

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on another note with nwa i recently found this internet only album by ice cube called "everythang's corrupt" on youtube, i would definately buy this album on CD, this sounds like one of the top albums of the year:


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This album will do well. It seems a lot of people have written it off, only to change their minds after several listens.

I just got a copy off a friend so will give it a listen this evening.

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I just saw the movie.  It is dope!  I wanna see it again.  It's really well done and well cast.  Much of the story will be known to fans of the guys, but there are a few moments in the film that tell a new story.  Jazzy Jeff's scratches in the film are great.  I sat through the credits just to see his name in the credits instead of FP's....lol.  The actor who played Snoop really didn't look like him, but his Snoop impression is great.  Warren G isn't actually "introduced" in the movie, but the unnamed character who plays him does a great impression as well.  There's more Suge Knight in the movie than I expected, making his incident tied to the film even more coincidental.  His presence interaction around Eazy and Ruthless was something I didn't know about.  I assume it wasn't fictitious.  The guy who plays 2Pac looks eerily like him.   Go see this movie, even if you aren't a fan.  I went with a friend who know NOTHING about Hip-Hop, and while she won't be buying any N.W.A. albums anytime soon, she did like the movie.

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Straight Outta Compton

The LAPD is not too happy with the release of Straight Outta Compton.

Los Angeles police officers believe the film portrays them in a negative light (as if they need any help with that). According to TMZ:

Former L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine, who was himself an LAPD cop and headed up the Police Protective League, tells us, “It’s a terrible time to release a movie like this. It adds fuel to the fire for hating cops.”

Despite their dissatisfaction with the film, it won the Friday box office, earning a whopping $24.2 million on its first night in theaters. CNN reports:

The Universal biopic “Straight Outta Compton” rocked the box office on Friday with an estimated $24.2 million in the U.S.

This total came close to the film’s entire budget of $29 million.

The big Friday numbers also boosted industry projections for the film’s opening with experts now predicting that “Compton” could make close to $60 million this weekend.


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Eazy-E’s Daughter Tweets Thoughts on ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Film

Aug 15th, '15  •  News  •  by C. Vernon Coleman II 

brutal diss lines rap history eazy-e

Photo Credit: Raymond Boyd

The long awaited, highly anticipated N.W.A. biopic film Straight Outta Compton was released in theaters nationwide last night, and all eyes seemed to be one the film that has been surrounded with so much hype and even controversy. One person that was paying extra close attention to the film was Eazy E’s daughter, a singer/songwriter herself, who goes by the stage name E.B.

Earlier today, she took to Instagram to give some of her thoughts on the film. “A LOT of Eazy-E’s storyline was missing but that’s okay because I’m producing a documentary that will show EVERYTHING including his death,” she posted. “A lot of “Death Row” story in what was the “N.W.A.” story .. They don’t show that my dad went to court and still made money off of Death Row,” she added.

Overall her opinion of the film was positive as she noted, “Last but not least … The acting in Straight Outta Compton is absolutely INCREDIBLE ! So proud of ALL the guys.”


Peep her opinion of the film, at the link below:










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Eazy-E: The ‘Soul of the Movie’ in 'Straight Outta Compton'

Billy Johnson Jr.
Senior Editor
Yahoo Music
August 14, 2015

Late N.W.A frontman and Ruthless Records head Eric “Eazy-E” Wright may be known as a godfather of gangsta rap, but he was also a compassionate man, as depicted in the biopic Straight Outta Compton that opens in theaters this weekend.


The film, which features actor Jason Mitchell portraying Eazy, captures the controversial rapper’s softer side. We see Eazy saddened after N.W.A’s demise and sulking when gazing at a billboard for Dr. Dre’s solo debut album, The Chronic. He approaches Ice Cube in a nightclub to make amends and explore the possibility of a reunion. He is more hurt than angry when he fires his manager, Jerry Heller, for alleged mishandling of funds. And he weeps when he receives the news that he has contracted AIDS and has just months left to live.

Screenwriter Jonathan Herman has described Eazy-E as the “soul of the movie.” Eazy’s widow, Tomica Woods-Wright, gave him the context for the script. “The fact that Eazy is not around, Tomica told a lot of stories and she was like, ‘Look, I’m going to tell you a lot of stories. This is the real honest truth and just be respectful about it and tell it,’” he said on the red carpet at the film’s world premiere. “The story is so sad.”

Eazy’s eldest child, Eric Wright Jr., who raps under the alias Lil Eazy-E, helped Mitchell prepare for the role. “I reached out to him to give him the support and any advice he needs,” Lil Eazy told Rolling Stone. “Jason has come to my grandmother’s house where I was born and raised, where my father was born and raised and where N.W.A started.”


Lil Eazy, who turned 11 two weeks after his father died, said his father was a well-rounded person. “My fondest memories [are] of him being a father,” he told Rolling Stone. “I know him outside of the rap, outside of the hustle, outside of the hardcore. I know the nice individual, the humorous individual, the family man, the one that loved all of his children.”

Founding N.W.A member MC Ren, who never quit N.W.A and remained on Ruthless Records until Eazy passed, says he did not have to protect the telling of Eazy’s story.

“I knew he was going to be portrayed right because Dre and Cube, they involved, they are the producers of it,” he explained at the premiere. “I knew they wouldn’t just put him out there looking crazy. It’s only one way to put him out there, and that’s to put him out there right.”


Ren, who spent some time on the set talking with the actor who played him, Aldis Hodge, says the cast members impressed him with their performances.

“W.C. did a good job ‘cause he coached all the actors, and they performing,” he said about the veteran MC, who is also a member of the Westside Connection. “He had them sit down and watch everything. So first day I went down there on the set, they were doing a Skateland scene and it was crazy looking at them up there, ‘cause each individual was acting like they had the mannerisms down like everybody. And I ain’t seen that since we been onstage.”

MC Ren recently released a new single, “Rebel Music,” featuring Ice Cube.


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after reading this review on the compton soundtrack, i feel more intrigued to buy it when it comes out on CD:


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well compton a soundtrack comes out on cd today and you could stream it on google play music but it ain't on youtube yet still

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I picked up Compton. It's pretty average at best and rather unlistenable.  "Talking To My Diary" and "It's All On Me" are the only ones that met the standard of what I was hoping the album would be like.  There's too many features and the experimenting he did with the sound just wasn't worth it.  I'll listen to it more later, but after the first sample, I'm not eager to do so.  I'm more eager to make a dope mix with those two songs I like.

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How come a lot of old-school JJFP cats expresses worries of the state of hiphop today, about excessive violence, cursing and bad influence only to be totally engulfed once its about artists from their "favorite era" or whatever?

How can there be such an interest in this movie and the albums that obviously will be surrounding it when the consequences of the early 90's gangster culture is clearly evident in the rise of the crack epidemic you got going over there, and the rise of the mentality that freedom and justice will be created through poor people fighting against other poor people?

The LAPD obviously can go f*ck themselves for a variety of reasons but the concerns are real.

As known, the "establishment" comes in few colours and definitely not in black no matter how many Obama's you put in paper tiger positions.

Behind every release made by Hollywood or some of the giant multi-national record companies there is politics & the shaping of society. Maintaining and romanticising this kind of gangster culture is nothing short of paying people in booze like back in the early industrial days: its not about the pleasure of the people. Its about the numbness of the people.

How many is capable of fighting for justice, equality and improvment while on crack feeding yourself with self-destructive instructions from some opportunist money-maker-gangster? No-one.

I think its crap. Yet again another generation of kids will be fooled into believing their problems either cant be solved, or only can be solved by creating a violent distance to your neighboors. Once again kids who could have a great future, demand change and create harmonic societies gets fooled into drugs, gang life and petty crime as the way out of poverty and repression.

What you can learn from history is that what helps people won't be televised even if seemingly the intentions are good, the psychological societal effects are on an intriguing, ideological level that we dont understand and that can only do harm.

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i feel what you're saying here but there's a clear difference between ice cube and lil wayne, true artists like ice cube make meaningful songs about the street life while artists like lil wayne promote negativety and violence, well again that could make what you're saying make chuck d look like a hypocrite too because he criticises hot 97 last year on one hand for playing rappers who say the n word yet he supports the group that pioneered saying the n word on rap records even naming themselves after the n word for god's sake

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Jerry Heller Might Sue Straight Outta Compton


Eazy E's manager finally saw the movie and wasn't pleased.

By Evelyn Diaz
Posted: 08/29/2015 11:19 AM EDT

Straight Outta Compton is one of the biggest success stories at the box office this year, so it's no surprise the film is attracting its fair share of controversy.

Now, Eazy-E's manager Jerry Heller is one of the people to come out of the woodworks pointing a finger at the N.W.A biopic, which has already soared past $100 million at the box office.

Played by Paul Giamatti in the film, Heller was an integral part of the group's success, though he was accused of preying on their lack of knowledge of the music industry and using it to his advantage.

Heller, who says he was not consulted about the film, finally bought a ticket to see the flick, and was none too pleased about the way he was portrayed. "I did see it on Saturday," he told The Los Angeles Times, "and I’m still not willing to comment right now on that movie because I think sooner or later it may be part of an ongoing litigation."

Well, they had to see that coming.

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