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Vinyl Destination - General Thread

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Finally caught up on Vinyl Destination. I Apple TV'ed it to my Sony Bravia. A few observations

- It really looks good on TV! Would definitely work as a TV show, I enjoyed it more than watching it on a computer

- The proper credit sequence & theme song they have now is dope

- Ferno has been the star of season 2, it's been great to see him experience seeing the world for the first time. good guy.

- Skillz seems tired, I would to if I've been doing the same thing for the last 10 years but he seems a bit out of the fun

- Dropping the reality show talk to the camera stuff makes the episodes flow a lot better

- It's a pity they can't show real footage and sound from the actual shows..hearing the crowd respond to Jeff DJ'ing would make a big difference, I guess you can't get good audio out of that situation

- Speaking of audio I can't believe how good the audio is for the show, it sounds like everyone is actually mic'ed up

- Jeff is pretty damn funny

- At the very very end of the proper lube episode you can see me and brakes while we go for a Byron burger. The weird thing is I remember Jeff saying what he said but I can't remember Cris ever filming that..freaky!

- I don't know how they go from country to country every day..and deal with losing their baggage all the time.. It's a crazy schedule

- It was interesting hearing about Philippines from that guy..thinking they would be forgotten like Katrina, that's pretty much what has happened

- Annecy France looked absolutely amazing

- I'm looking forward to seeing what they filmed in Australia

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