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Hey Europe! Going to a DJ Jazzy Jeff show?

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If you're attending one of the DJ Jazzy Jeff shows, please see Steve (Jeff's tour manager) to get a photo with Jeff. I'd love for you to post your photos here so I can then compile them and have them posted to Jeff's website and social media sites. Steve will be more than happy to facilitate photos with JJ+FP fan club members!

And be sure to say hello to our camera guy Cris! You may just make it into the next season of Vinyl Destination !

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Haha, yeh took my girl to her first JJ show in London too. She wasn't feeling too great so wasn't great timing but think she enjoyed it none the less even though she's mainly an Indie Music lover.

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The first time i saw Jeff i dragged my friend, she has a couple Will Smith albums but isnt really into hip hop. Its not as fun when you take someone like that, its so much better when i see a show with these guys. We are all geeks together haha.

Your pics look great, glad you had a good time.

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