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The American election

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So, election is coming up in America... always exciting. As a Swede I would of course vote for the Democratic Party - well, in reality I would go for the Socialist party (since your left parties are way to the right from our extreme right parties), but that would be to throw away the vote I guess.

Still, always interesting to hear something from the inside of the country. I'm guessing the Republican election has been well-covered in your media (seems logic because they talk about it a lot even here), and that Mitt Romney dude seems kind of... pukeable.

What will be the big questions this time? There's not a lot of war going on, so to me its kind of a question mark what it will be all about. Ive only heard - so far - about the unemployment (of course) and abortion rights (which I consider a strange thing to discuss in a developed country 2012), but other than that?

Since we dont have any JJFP to discuss, lets go crazy over this one..

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I must admit; I don't follow politics much. I would probably follow them closer if there was a presidential candidate that I was excited about...but there isn't. Traditionally I lean towards republican in the sense that more of their values line up closer with mine. At the same time, democrats traditionally claim to have plans to improve the lives of the lower and middle class. I don't have any faith an anyone running. I feel that president should be elected and that questions be asked during the election. The president's job would them be to carry out the peoples' desire rather than come up with their own plan. For example, Obamacare has no right to take my money and put it toward some slutty teenager's abortion. I'm often furious about how things are changed for the sake of being changed...NOT BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY LEAD TO IMPROVEMENT.

I may make a lot of people mad by saying this, but the US frustrates me in the sense that laws are twisted and times are changing so that people can do and say whatever they want. That isn't real freedom. That's just freedom to live ignorantly and irresponsibly. This country was built on the idea of religious freedom with Biblical/moral principles. As we stray further and further from this principles, things just get worse...but since any change is supposedly good, those in political power simply pursue change in vain.

I will be doing more research on the candidates. I've heard some of the things the main republican party is saying and they aren't sounding very intelligent. At the same time, I fail to see any real good that Obama has really accomplished. I've read some articles on him and all I've seen is conflicting news.

I hold on to hope that things can turn around...but without discipline, who knows what will happen. This'll probably be the only time I post in this thread...but I'm curious what others have to say.

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For example, Obamacare has no right to take my money and put it toward some slutty teenager's abortion.

Obamacare doesn't take your money and put it towards abortions. No federal money will be used for abortion. In fact, the law requires that there are abortion-free insurance options on the exchange. Sign up for one of those and your insurance premium won't even be used to cover abortions.


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At the same time, I fail to see any real good that Obama has really accomplished.

Well, I'm extremely excited that insurance companies can't drop me because of pre-existing conditions. I'm also very thankful that there's no more lifetime cap on what my insurance can pay. I think it's great that they're increasing the amount of aid for health insurance for low-income people. And the coverage for kids up to 26 is good.

The stimulus plan was a huge deal. Many, many economists argued that with out that the US would have sunk into a depression.

Obama's endorsed same sex marriage and appointed many gay officials, which is a pretty big deal (though more work needs to be done).

Ended the policy of torturing people.

Proposed and signed the Dodd-Frank Act, which while it's pretty watered down, at least tries to prevent another financial collapse.

Followed through with pulling troops out Iraq.

During his tenure and with at least some help from the US, Gaddafi is dead, there was the Arab Spring, and Osama bin Laden is dead. All of that with out launching a major invasion.

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As an very liberal individual, I wouldn't be too scared/upset if Romney was elected. He seems very much like a centrist, which is what Obama is. He was governor of a very liberal state and during his time he was very liberal for a Republican. The biggest thing I don't like about him is that he's extremely pro business. I don't understand how, when the business world seriously hurt the world economy a few years ago, there can be such a push for unfettered free market capitalism.

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About a year ago, I watched something on TV that compared the fall of Rome to America. It's crazy how it looks like we are setting ourselves up to do the same. With us pulling back on war, it's undoing some of those things.

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