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Thanks 4 a great Summer


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Just wanna thank everyone this summer for a great time on this forum.

But alas im gonna be going back to a posting unregularly type guy as i head back to uni. Hopefully shud still be making atleast weekly visits.

Hope you all enjoy your autumn, and its full of Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff music.

Take Care, all i'll be back soon

KevTastic :switch:
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[quote=J-o-e,Sep 21 2004, 04:11 PM]University alien, in others in american its more like a college, but college to people in the UK is different to the College in USA

College in USA = University In UK

College In UK = High School In USA haha[/quote]
Well almost, some Universities are still called College's here.

I went to a college at 16 for 2 years, but they do uni courses to

Now im 20 and hav been at uni for 2 years
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