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Jive Records label to end, fold into larger RCA/Sony umbrella

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All too bad. I hope that the catalog of Jive will not end up being ignored here, since lots of classic material is there from the 80s and 90s.

Where is the boxed set based around the following: Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Boogie Down Productions, Schoolly D, Tribe Called Quest, Steady B?

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It's moving into 25 years since the first JJ & FP albums first came out. I hope that some deluxe versions finally get released, even if only online. Sometimes a third-party catalog label steps in, as well. RCA, do the right thing!

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this is why nas said hip hop is dead, garbage rappers get deluxe versions of their albums while the legends get thrown to the side

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It's funny how in an age where old school Hip-Hop is something most new music fans don't even know exists, and a time when most people download songs instead of buying CDs, artists/groups like Eric B. + Rakim, Pete Rock + CL Smooth, Run DMC, Marley Marl, Biz Markie, and Jungle Brothers have all gotten deluxe or re-release treatment to their albums. There's certainly no reason groups like JJ+FP shouldn't get the same treatment. Especially since they'd like sell better than most of the groups/artists I just mentioned.

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