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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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If Will is indeed back: Give me 5 Rappers you would like a collab track with

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I'd like to hear a track of him on a Beat by Mannie Fresh or Pimp C with a verse form Scarface or Chamillionaire and Bun-B. I wonder if he could switch his flow to a Houston type of flow - I personaly think that he would sound very dope, he has the voice and swagga for it.

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Like I posted in another thread I'd love to see him work with:
Cl Smooth
Heavy D
Mos Def
Pharoahe Monch

Honorable Mention and or Unavailable:
Nate Dogg( It would have been interesting to hear him do a hook for Will, maybe someone like Montell Jordan would sound nice)
Tone Loc and Young MC (I've always imagined the entertainment value of a Collabo with Will and these two)

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Let's get Will back with Kel Spencer on a track. Uhhh is an anthem.

I'm down with him working with Q-tip too Tim. He always brings it on collabs.

B.O.B, Lupe and De La Soul would also make interesting Collabs

But lets be honest. crew them all and just get in the studio with Jeff

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basically everybody beat me to it, it'd be nice to have Will work with otherlegends of hip hop, he could do that on a mixtape but for an album it should be him and Jeff strictly like it was on the albums from Rock The House to Code Red

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it's actually more refreshing that way after thinking about it for a while 'cause even a lot of the good albums out these days has songs on them with artists that just don't vibe with the flow, they come out like compilation, he could do a mixtape with all the collabs the hip hop heads been wanting but the JJFP album is something that's needed at this point

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"code red" still ain't really that collab heavy compared to albums of today and i'm sure most of us would sign up for another album like that

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nobody mentioned ludacris but i'd like to see them do something again after "party starter", sure luda ain't really one of my favorites but he got a lot of energy

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luda and busta are the best mcs on posse tracks in recent years

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