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Could we create our own TV show?


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I'm liking it quite a bit, Tim. I've got some directorial questions, I think, but I'd love to get started on this ASAP.

Awesome. Kev have you got any ideas on how you would like these scenes to look?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey all sorry for the delay. Been finishing up a few projects that needed doing.

Anyway, as far as artistic input goes on the style of shooting. I feel Tim has made it quite self-explanitary.

I guess it all depends on each individuals sources how we can make this look, and then a matter of me trying to gel that look together. Guess that's something we need to discuss as a group.

I really like the story Tim. As an editor right now its hard for me to picture past the generic cuts. But i guess as we discuss shooting techniques it will come together.

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Well I'm committed. Here is the script for episode 2:

YouTopia: Episode 2

Growing Pains

Story by Timothy A. Price
Draft 08/08/11
There is an opening shot of Chris, Ewan and Adam. They stare at the camera quizzically. Suddenly, as if they have been struck by lightning, there is a jolt to their bodies as if something has jumped inside of them. There is a flash of white light.
FADE OUT to Opening Credits
Ewan, places his hand on his head, he is in deep thought, he is not comfortable in the body he is in.
My thoughts. My thoughts have ceased. Where have they gone? Where are my memories ?
EWAN blinks rapidly, then looks down solemnly.
What is this intense emotional pain I am feeling? This internal, hurt? I can feel it inside of me. It’s a pain that I could never tell anyone. I could never speak this out. But I can feel it, it lives within. It’s like a creature, an animal, of self doubt, and I want it removed.
EWAN stares out into the distance, as the emotional pain overcomes him.
CHRIS flails his arms and legs, he grabs his head as if he has an intense headache, he twists his neck, and then becomes more relaxed.
Pain, pain, pain. You always think if you do the right thing somehow life will work out for you but it never works out that way. Even when people get what they want something will come along that will inflict more pain. I knew someone, at least I think I did. Was it a friend, or a distant memory, or a dream, I’m not sure now that I’ve lost touch (CHRIS looks at his hand, and rolls his thumb over his finger) with reality. I guess now that I’m stuck with you I’m going to let this out for you.
This memory, is of someone who just wanted someone to love them. For years they tried and tried and had so many difficulties and then they found someone. It was so beautiful.
CHRIS smiles remembering the memory.

I was so happy for them. Yes that moment had finally come, the pain had paid off, they’d stuck with it. Now was the time to reap the rewards, to reap what they had sewn for so many years. So what happens?
A critical car accident. That was, the end of him, that was the end of them.
We are expected to recover from that, right? We are supposed to live on, pick up the pieces and move on? To what? To what, to what the hell what? And this is when we reach that moment, that moment we all come to in our lives.
Where we ask... God... for assistance. We want to believe in God. We have to believe in god, for our own sanity, and here I am, standing in front of you.
Except, I’m not me, I can’t even remember who I am, all I remember is this pain, this pain of a woman, who has lost all she ever needed. This pain that sits (CHRIS thumps stomach) and it sinks, and it pulls me down to the depths.
I just feel like I want to sit in this pain. In this non existence that I’ve found myself in, and cry for eternity. Just for this pain that I’m feeling and I don’t even know what it is. But I need to live with it, I need the acceptance.
My girlfriend, I think that’s it, no my fiancée. She once told me that she was going to hell. Why would she say that? I do wonder, what she ever did, that would make her go to hell. She has never done anything with me that would make me think she would go that way. Inside, she knows. Does that mean this end is truly the end? I guess I’ll never see her again.
How come what I want, no what I need, is never what I get? What was the purpose of that, and now what is the purpose of this? Is my mind capable of comprehending this situation? Maybe it isn’t, maybe that’s why I’m here seeing you. Because I couldn’t deal with life and I’m hoped up on some drugs in a mental institution. And those drugs are just a trip, that have taken me here, to mess with my mind.
So much of my life, I would like to write differently. I would definitely end the chapters, on a different note. I don’t like turning a page. It’s not a fear of what could be on the next page. Like ... being taken from my existence, or being placed into an entirely different person, with different feelings and emotions and hurt, it’s what I leave behind. I just don’t want to leave it...behind. I don’t want to leave what’s back there, back there. I want all those thoughts, and memories and feelings to always exist with me, in my current state, in my current mind.
I’m an observer, who is now being observed. I’ve always learnt a lot, with no rush to speak. I draw in energy and then release.
I no longer need this mask, this mask of humour. Like an immunity response, a flurry of jokes, of wise-cracks, of put downs, to make you laugh or smile. To lift your spirits, but does it lift mine, or does it just cover. Cover the pain.
I need to be with those that love me. We cannot be, without love, without our loved ones, without those we love, that touch me, without touching me. That make me see with no vision, hear with no auditory response, feel with no sensory stimulation. They are, me, you don’t need to show me, they exist within me. That is, enough.
Right now I’m thinking of all the pain. The pain that we feel, or think, but can never express. The pain that we write, but can never show. For fear of a lost connection, a broken heart, a lost friendship, a lost mind. Right now I say goodbye to it all. I release it like a dove, because most people cannot release that pain that lives within, we often need someone else to help us with it. Today it’s released from this body, this vessel, this brain, this time, it’s gone.
EWAN, CHRIS and ADAM all feel relieved, like a weight has lifted off them. Just as they exist within this high, they slump to the ground, they are paralysed, only their eyes still move, and they roll back in their head. White light fills the room. We then see them slowly getting back up groggily.
What was, what was that? An exorcism dog?
It’s what I’d like to call a group therapy session. See you never know who you may be able to help. Whether you know it or not, If you believe it...or not
Aahhh, so now I’m back to me, I can go back right?
You want to go?
So I’m going back? Thank god.
Oh you aren’t going back, you are going to be, going forward.

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Okay we clearly need a plan if this is going to happen. First of all I just became an official YouTube Partner for Diagnosis Health, and there is certain things you have to do to get that, which I want to apply for this. The reward is you can do a lot more cool things as a YouTube partner and you can put adds on all your videos. You need to create completely original content, use nothing copyrighted and upload videos frequently with lots of views.

AJ sounds extremeely busy doing a play , so I'll step in for this Adam character. I am going to rewrite the first two episodes and put a lot of dialogue over to Brakes & Chris.. I'll finish writing episode 3 this week. Then we can aim to film our scenes for all 3 episodes on the weekend of the 27th of August. We will then Kev to cut the 3 episodes together. I will set up the channel and we will release an episode on the friday & release an episode once every 2 weeks. I want to see the reaction first and get some feedback but inbetween that period I could write the next 3 episodes, and we could film them all at once again..keep releasing every 2 weeks and that will be the conclusion of the 1st series.

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