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Da Brakes

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That was actually the title of that album...but when "Gangsta's Paradise" blew up, he/they retitled it.

19 Naughty III (1993)

I got to see Naughty perform this along with O.P.P., Hip-Hop Hooray, Jamboree, Everything's Gonna Be Alright, Feel Me Flow, and Uptown Anthem last weekend.

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It was Summer 1995. The Dangerous Minds trailer has been huge and he just dropped the video. He was on Yo! MTV Raps. I distinctly remember Ed Lover + Doctor Dre interviewing him asking what the new album was called and he replied "Ghetto Highlights"...Dre replied "Highlights from the ghetto"...Coolio..."Yeah." lol. U got me in a Coolio mood...

COOLIO - I Remember
It Take A Thief (1993)

One of my favs. I didn't like "Fantastic Voyage" when it 1st came out...this was
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