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Da Brakes

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I agree. "Show Me Love" was my fav off of his last album (his last album did come out around 2002ish, right?).

MONICA + 112 - Right Here Waiting For You
The Boy Is Mine (1998)

Amazing cover off of an amazing album.
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Yeah, I just looked up the other albums. I was aware of a few of the songs on them but never knew he actually put out an album. Half of the songs on his 2008 album are on the 2006 album. I couldn't previous the one from 2009. From what I did hear, he had few stand out tracks. I split the rest of the music right down the middle...half them okay...the other half awful. Apparently he didn't get the memo that "gangsta" is dead and we all know he isn't one...lol.

Elgin (2011)

Seriously, y'all. Don't sleep. Best R-N-B album of 2011 so far (even tho' it's only February)!

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DR. DRE + EMINEM - I Need A Doctor
Detox (2011)

I think the video is a bit over dramatic but I love the flash backs and the very end of it. I love that the lyrics show comradary the way they do. Good job for not beating a dead horse by talking about weed and ho's!!
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Man I'm realy bumping that album a lot the last few days. This was when the Funk in G-Funk still sounded dirty. This might be my favorite track on the album, but almost the whole album is flawless in its very own way.

Who the hell needs Detox?

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