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Nas Names His Top 10 Lyricists For Rolling Stone Magazine


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She can flow... but too bad it sounds like an unintelligible mess half of the time she tries to demonstrate it. Take a Lil' Wayne verse where he mumbles along, speed it up 10x's and throw a pink wig on it and you've got Nicki Minaj.

Her voice is annoying as hell too but that doesn't make a bad MC. It sure doesn't help though.

In the end though, she's wasted potential to me. There's someone out there currently with the ability to flow and its completely wasted on weak content/wack associations/being just plain annoying.

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The girl Sold 370,190 records in her FIRST week. That's HUGE considering how crappy the album really is.. BTW Young Money/Cash money is making big dividends with every album and tour they have, I guess the triple play of Wayne/Drake/Minaj plus birdman and maybe Bow Wow is working out pretty well for them.

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Nicki Minaj is crap. As an artist, she's a bubble gum pop star with an annoying voice and a weird sense of thinking she's funny. I've seen her speak on award shows trying to be funny and it's awkward because she's the only one laughing at herself. From the songs I've heard of her, she had decent production on a song or 2 but that doesn't make her good. I'm sure as a person, she's cool...but she's bringing nothing to the table as an "artist" and I don't think her music has any quality to it.

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