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Billboard Lists Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Artists Of The Last 25 Years


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How the hell could Billboard forget to list JJFP one of the top artists of the last 25 years, the first hip-hop act to win a Grammy with over 30 million albums sold, that should be worthy of top 10 at minimum, but not putting them in the top 50 is uncalled for, Outkast has the highest selling hip hop album of all time and they ain't mentioned either, MC Hammer's "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" went past diamond status and he ain't mentioned, as much as I don't like Biggie he should be in the top 50 'cause a lot of people like him as well, DMX's 1st 5 albums went #1 and there's no mention, Boyz II Men should be ranked in the top 10 since they're the highest selling R&B group ever, Brian Mcknight deserves some mention too, I mean if you're gonna give credit to the highest selling artists you need to give credit where credit's due, Billboard sucks so what should we expect, but at least they give credit to R. Kelly at #1 'cause he owned R&B in the last 25 years:
The Top 50 R&B / Hip-Hop Artists of the Past 25 Years
50. Tevin Campbell
49. En Vogue
48. Joe
47. Brandy
46. Kanye west
45. Chris Brown
44. Maxwell
43. Patti Labelle
42. Destiny's Child
41. Ne-Yo
40. Musiq Soulchild
39. Nelly
38. Eminem
37. Snoop Dogg
36. Bobby Brown
35. Tony Toni Tone
34. Sade
33. Babyface
32. Gerlad Levert
31. Levert
30. Jodeci
29. Keyshia Cole
28. 50 Cent
27. Aaliyah
26. Stevie Wonder
25. TLC
24. Monica
23. New Edition
22. Anita Baker
21. Lil' Wayne
20. T.I
19. 2Pac
18. Toni Braxton
17. Boyz II men
16. LL Cool J
15. Beyonce
14. Ludacris
13. Michael Jackson
12. Keith Sweat
11. Prince
10. Alicia Keys
9. Freddie Jackson
8. Jay-Z
7. Luther Vandross
6. Usher
5. Janet Jackson
4. Mariah carey
3. Whitney Houston
2. Mary J Blige
1. R. Kelly
Source: Billboard.com - The Juice

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It is weird that they skipped over JJ+FP and/or FP's solo stuff. MC Hammer really should be on their as well. A Tribe Called Quest is another. One thing is for sure tho.'...THIS IS A DARN GOOD LIST!!! I'd gladly listen to nearly every artist on their list. I'm glad they over looked a lot of today's artists that will be forgotten in 5 years.

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Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, and Outkast are the five greatest groups in hip hop history but yet they ain't mentioned, and the order debatable but the more I think about it, it's a solid list 'cause it's about time artists like Keith Sweat, Aaliyah, and Joe get some mention, and I like that they listed LL Cool J above most rappers except for Jay-Z who has no business being in the top 10, there can't be a perfect list since the order's always debatable but the top CDs and tapes in my music collection come from 90% of these artists so all in all Billboard didn't do too bad, get rid of Lil' Wayne, 50, Kanye, and Nelly and insert JJFP, MC Hammer, Run-DMC, and Public Enemy and you got the ultimate list...

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As much as I love r&b, I think some of those singers should be left off the list with being replaced by the hip hop pioneers that I mentioned, replace TI with the real south king Scarface, and it's hard to believe that all those groups had more impact than Blackstreet and Guy who didn't make the list, the top 10 is too r&b driven, this is what the top 10 should look like in no particular order:
R. Kelly
LL Cool J
Michael Jackson
Boyz II Men
Keith Sweat
Public Enemy
Janet Jackson(I originally put Destiny's Child in the top 10 but they didn't have a bigger impact than Janet did and Beyonce doesn't deserve to be mentioned seperately from them either, her first album was great but she fell off since then)
After them would be Destiny's Child, 2Pac, Prince, Mariah Carey, and Outkast

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R. Kelly, Mariah Carey, MJB, Prince, Tupac, LL Cool J, Janet Jackson, Public Enemy, Prince, Boyz II Men.

Honorable mentions: Jay-Z, Biggie, Will Smith (I realy had to decide betweem him and LL), MJ (I still feel difficult counting him to the Hip Hop/R&B group), Nas, Rakim, Destinys Child, Snoop Dogg, Rakim, P. Diddy (not as musician, but as mogul), Usher, Joedic and spin-offs (lol), Luther, Eminem, 50 Cent and more...

I realy think I could pull a list of 50 off :D

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Combining what both Will and Jeff has done would make the ranking higher, they're like the Jordan and Pippen of music, I could dig through my most played albums in my music collection and make a list of 50 hip-hop and r&b artists, mcs like Big Daddy Kane and Heavy D should be in the top 50 but they never had 50 Cent and Eminem type of popularity going for them which would hurt them from getting Billboard to recognise them, Beastie Boys do a lot of alternative stuff too so like Michael Jackson it's hard to put them in R&B/Hip-Hop category but that "License To Ill" album sales alone shows that they deserve to be there:

20 R&B Artists:
R. Kelly
Michael Jackson
Boyz II Men
Keith Sweat
Janet Jackson
Destiny's Child
Mariah Carey
Mary J. Blige
Whitney Houston
Gerald Levert/Levert
Toni Braxton
Brian Mcknight
Alicia Keys
Jill Scott
Musiq Soulchild

20 Hip Hop Artists:
LL Cool J
Public Enemy
MC Hammer
Queen Latifah
Tribe Called Quest
Snoop Dogg
MC Lyte
Ice Cube
The Roots
Beastie Boys
Jay-Z(I'd never put him in my top 20 but for sales
alone he belongs there)

Top 10 Producers:
Teddy Riley
Dr. Dre
Pete Rock
Marley Marl
DJ Premiere
Jermaine Dupri
DJ Quik

Honorable Mentions: Slick Rick, KRS, Heavy D, Big Daddy Kane, Eric B. and Rakim, Eminem, Babyface, Bobby Brown, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Monica, Neptunes, and
The Bomb Squad

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Good top 10 turntable. I think LL would be on top of Will Smith, but not on top of JJFP. Also Ludacris should not be a number 14 on that list, no matter how good he is and Chris Brown is not part of a top 50.

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I think Will Smith, just like LL, could make this list when you include the works of JJFP. I would not put them in the list together, even tho I love Jazzy. I would put him in a producer list. List like this to me are more about the vocalists. Now when it came to LL vs. Will I looked at the impact realy and I just put LL above Fresh Prince, even tho it was close. I decided to put only one of them in the list because to me they are very simular, even tho LL has tocuhed a little more subject in his music.

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LL Cool J is the closest artist in hip hop that's a mirror image of Will, LL's a lil' bit more versatile like you mentioned, they're both the 2 biggest household names that people who don't listen to much hip hop recognise, people of all ages know who they are, and like I mentioned if you combined with what Jeff did with Will that makes it an even tougher debate....

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The Beastie Boys are up for the Rock & Roll hall of fame, a lot of people like them who don't even listen to much hip hop but they're hip hop credible at the same time, it's just like LL and JJFP....

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