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Lets do it again...


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every 1 need 2 write Name, Countrey, language, and some thing about him.

ill start 2 pump up the forum:

Hebrew, English, and lil Arabic
and I want 2 say that I admaire Will not only 4 his talant in movies and songs becose he a good familly man... and that great.

now you...
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-studying 2nd year of Pshycology at university
-more about me: I love r&b, hip-hop..and i'm tired of not hear alot of that in my country. oh I think I've never told you guys that i have a dog called Boomer( like the dog in ID4!! :rolleyes: )... I learn a lot of new english words and a lot of music from you, thanks!!

As willreing I'm a fan of Will because first of all I love the way he is like person, so different from most of hollywood stars...then I like him 'coz he's very talented in everything he does.
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[color=blue]ok...3Cookies steppin up to da mike... :rolleyes: (does my herr look ok?) lol ok...im j/kiddiN

OK...im Cookie, known as "tha big sis" in the JJ+FP communities. Not cuz im fat or nuthin, but cuz im 1 day older than the oldest person on board LOL...whateva age that is :rolleyes: hahaha...

Im a mom, tryna get my company lauched off the ground (chek my site if u wanna) [url="http://www.soflyy-designs.com/page2.html"]SoFlyy Designs[/url] and,...thinkin of writing a book and eventual screenplay about my experience on the front lines of war...nuff bout me...lol

I became a big Will Smith fan when I first heard "Chasing Forever" and was just amazed at the lyrics he wrote to Jada...neva thought guys could be so loving... then I was introduced to alot of JJ+FP music, and other good stuff hangin out with the fans online...and I support JJFP to the fullest now! cuz they're from the REAL oLdsKooL, just like me..and rock the music to my likings..lol

Thats all folKs... :peace:

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Name: Nichole
Las Vegas, Nevada

I LOVE music all types especailly Hip Hop ans R&B! I am a Mom and thats another reason I love Will so much is because he is a GREAT family man on top of everything else.I have been fortunate enough to meet him and he is just so awesome!
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I would be the one and only Super-Macadocious-Pimp, da JumpinJack AJ. Lover of fine huneyz, head-bobber 2 dope beats, and all around good guy (or at least i'd like 2 think so).

I'm 23 years old, i'm in college (still), doing lots of theater (actor somewhat-extraordinare), and a photographer....not 2 mention creative writer. I live in Maryland, USA and only speak English (sometimes). I've been a fan of Hip-Hop since i waz really young and came up on a very positive Hip-Hop background. I have a beautiful, sweet girlfriend (that i dont' deserve) and a family that i need 2 learn 2 treat better. I'm blessed with a huge social life that has people of all walks of life in it. I've been a fan of JJ+FP since the early days and still call my favorite artists 2 this day.
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name: tomer
country: israel
language: hebrew and english

i'm 18, crazy about will smith and jazz... but they are not the only ones, i'm crazy about "his airness" (michael jordan of course...) at the same level. i've got a dog named kim and i would do anything for her!! my hobbies are soccer and basketball.

that's about it so... peace out :peace:
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Name: Jim (aka DevilsJim89)
State/Country: New Jersey, USA
Language: English

Well I'm DevilsJim from the 8 to the 9 (haha remember that freestyle? :biggrin: )
I'm 15 years old living in Eastern New Jersey. I've been a fan of Will since around 2000 and JJFP since 2002. I even remember looking for information on Will and I eventually found who JJFP was and I even found this site. I remember having the 30sec samples of Code Red on CDNow.com on repeat and then that summer, I eventually got all the JJFP albums. Now I'm just focused on collecting singles. (When I have the cash). I love hockey. I'm a fan of the New Jersey Devils (thats were part of my s/n comes in).

Anything else you wanna know about me, just look at my profile or ask.
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Name: Martijn aka Fan 4ever (my friends like 2 call me Tinuz)
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch/English

Well i'm 18 years old..still live with my parents..got a really sweet girlfriend..she helps me out alot when i'm feeling down or when i'm in trouble..i forced her 2 listen 2 some Will Smith joints..like The Rain and Potnas..and she liked them! :biggrin: My fav sport is tennis. Love 2 just kick it whit my friends after school..you know..just hanging out somewhere..not really doing nothing :biggrin:
If been a fan of Will since 1997..when Men In Black came out!
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[quote=willreign,Mar 13 2004, 02:31 AM]Yo cookie what is Ghitto?[/quote]
[font="Arial"][color=blue]Ghitto is past tense for Ghetto... its my way of saying im way past "ghetto"...im "ghitto" LOL...j/kiddiN


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name: Madelon
country: Netherlands
language: dutch/english/german

i'm 16 and in my last year of highschool.
i'm a fan of will since 1999, in 2001 (i believe) i found the JJFP board. when i first posted there my name was bigFPfan, then later on i changed it to bigJJFPfan. i learned a lot about JJFP from the ppl on the board and i'm thankfull for that :biggrin: . the last 2 years i didn't post a lot but i checked the site at least every other day, i PROMISE i'll post more :peace:
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