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I think Malice became a Christian now, and that this is going to be Clipse last song. I actually like it a lot. Ive seen Pusha hanging out with Kanye a lot lately.

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Yo AJ, you might feel this guy too, he's a English singing Soul singer from the Netherlands, he's kind of blowing up all around conitinental Europe. This is one of my favorite songs by him, his father is on it too.

This one is also great, it has more of a soul vibe.

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I remember the 1st time I heard that song...I wanted 2 smack Trey across the face. A lot of his music is great but that song is complete trash...and it's turning out to be his biggest hit so far. He should be ashamed.

NELLY + KERI HILSON - Live Tonight
5.0 (2010)

I love this song. It's totally mainstream but I love it. Keri kills the hook. Nelly stepped his game up.
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