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Matter of opinion. Craig Mack had a lot stronger presence in his music. His subject matter had a lot more variety. Craig's beats were also much doper. I always thought Biggie was average at best.

MARY J. BLIGE + HEAVY D - My Love (Remix)
What's The 411? Remix Album (1993)

Uptown Records was one of the greatest labels ever. It actually set the blueprint for Bad Boy Records...except Bad Boy wasn't as picky with actually signing more talent.

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THE AS EP (2009)

After searching for a physical copy of the MC Lyte/Almost September album for over 2 years...I OWN IT!!! This is some of MC Lyte's best work ever...and easily some of the best Hip-Hop music made in the past 15 years. How do classics slip thru' cracks like this?!
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