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Jeff Projects For 2010

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So Jeff has been saying on his twitter he wants to produce 10 major projects for 2010. One being the final part to The Magnificent series which i am really excited for.

He's also tormented us with retweets of people wanting a new JJFP album.

What would you like to see from Jeff??

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Always keeping hope alive a JJFP album is in the works just straight up Will and jeff.. can't wait for the last of The Magnificent series TROTM was amazing if the new album sounds just as good or even better it's going to be incredible!!.

I've been looking forward to that rhymefest project hope that's on the way and i'd love to here another track with Kel.

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it smart to make the new magnificent this fast, because trotm managed to go gold

I'm not really sure how TROTM could have gone gold.. I mean it sold maybe 30-40,000 in the US, and it takes 500,00 sales to go gold. So I don't know how that works..

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Well maybe it went gold worldwide, that wouldn't surprise me since the world since the world seems to have a better taste in music than here in the US

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