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And in this corner... Fav track?

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Well, and in dis corner has a number of classixs... don't no where to start.

Then she bits me... I think the most eperimental JJFP track, but good ("who killed me teacher... but what a body" lol!)

Everything that glitters... I love dis freaky horn so much! One of JJFP's best jazz n Hip Hop tracks!

The Men of Your Dreams... cuz Jazz is on da mic and cuz it's so damn funny!

Numero Uno... pure battle rhymes... the fresh prince shows u, that he is really da best rapper on wax

Jeff waz on da beat box... cuz it makes u dancing! I can't imagine dat anyone doesn't move his feet, when he/she is hearing dis! Also nice scratches by da true-master DJ Jazzy Jeff!

ahh yeah, and cuz we are talkin about 1989... last week I got da "Grover's Groove" Single on vinyl... incredible cool stuff by Jazzy Jeff, grover washington jr and da prince! Check it out, if u don't have it already!


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I remember when I first got this CD in '02, I wasn't into "Then She Bit Me" (still aint) then I had already heard "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson" so Jazzy's Groove was next. Once I heard it, I fell in love with the track. It's still my favorite off of And In This Corner...."a lil bit of platinum here". The whole album is great especially songs like "Numero Uno" in which Will totally proves he's a battle rapper and "Jeff waz on the beatbox".

Those would be my favorites but Jazzy's Groove is still great. I gotta get the single.

I rarely listen to any of the 3 albums from the 80s but yet when I do, there still awesome. Just ol' skool. Jive/BMG really needs to remaster all of the albums. Especially the 80's albums plus Homebase because I still gotta turn up my speakers to listen to them.
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[quote=Jonny 5,Mar 25 2004, 04:54 PM][quote]I still gotta turn up my speakers to listen to them[/quote]

yeah, i noticed i had to turn up my speakers too, at first I thought I'd bought a dodgy copy but obviously not, what's up with that? [/quote]
I guess it's because the recording and production equipment from back then isn't the same as it is now. :confused:
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