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Happy Birthday Silver Tiger!


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Julie was right. Most of my people have forsaken me, it seems.

I would still like to thank those of you that did decide to take the small amount of time out of your day to acknowledge the anniversary of the day greatness was unleashed upon this world.

To you:


Thank you to each and every one of you. Thanks for starting the thread, Ale! Thank you Sir Post-a-lot (VIsqo)! Thank you for your excitement, Sandy! Thank you, Luigie- may you inherit the world! Thank you ant1, you may have redeemed some of this day by playing k-os today! Julie, thank you. Your wisdom is beyond your years!

Beyond you few, I would like to say the turnout this year has been pitiful and I would like to spite all non-participants... somehow... I would like to spite you because you deserve the it. For spite is probably the only thing that you do deserve...

Maybe too harsh...

For old time sake...

God Blessa!

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I haven't been online much lately so I haven't been able to wish you happy birthday Silver Tiger so I'll do it now: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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