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I was wondering how they were updating, b/c I swear I read somewhere facebook was blocked in China.

Maybe I'm wonrg, but I don't think it's themselves (Will & Jada) who are updating their facebook pages. It could be, but I believe they have a team behind which is doing this.

And one more thing: the last 2 videos of Will and Jada on Facebook were made before their trip to China. The golf one and Jada answering questions were made in US. It's just that someone working for them decided to post the vids 2 days ago. Same happens with all those magazine covers from Jada. So I don't think they're using FB in China.

But again, that's just my theory. We haven't seen on FB a video of them being in China yet.

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My theory too.

I think (and I'm pretty sure), that it is somebody else that take care of the facebook page.

Someone else who put the videos online.

And yes, the last video of Will Smith was done before they leave (how could it be a different way ? I don't think he went back to Calabasas to tape that video, and then felw back to China lol). I think there are a few videos already done to update the facebooks (Jada's and Will's) during the two month.

And I read (I don't know where, maybe on the forum) that Will will post some China's trip's thing on the Facebook. Two options : it posted after the trip, or the guy who update the facebook recover the data (videos, pictures,...) and update the facebook while Smith's family is still in China

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I should've been more clear. I realize most if not all the updates of videos/pics etc. were probably done before, I meant the fact that the last video says stay tuned for more from China (or something like that)just wondering how he's gonna get around that, or if it'll be a while before it's updated.

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And I think you already saw that like a hundred times :laugh:

That's true too :laugh:

I found an article which says that Will's facebook page is one of the most populars:

Starbucks now most popular brand on Facebook

The popular social networking website has a new champion among its brands: Starbucks.

With a combination of recent social networking promotions and front-page ads, the Seattle-based mega coffee company has attracted more than 3.6 million fans to reportedly passed Coca-Cola to become the most popular brand on Facebook.

While that huge fan base makes Starbucks the No. 1 brand, statistics compiled by the website Inside Facebook showed Starbucks as the 8th most popular “page,” behind Hollywood star Will Smith, President Barack Obama, and the current leader, Michael Jackson.

Facebook “pages” are public profiles that are designed to help companies advertise, and to also connect with the website’s users by sending them messages and interacting in conversations.

Retailers like Wal-Mart and Target have used their pages in the past to promote seasonal sales, and other companies like Dell and Apple have offered exclusive promotions through the site to boost popularity.

According to Inside Facebook, Starbucks’ Facebook page saw spikes on July 18 and July 21, when the company was running its free pastry giveaway. Earlier this month, the company also purportedly gave away free ice cream through Facebook as well.



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