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"Girls ain't nothing but trouble" single CD ?

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Hello !

I wonder if there is a CD version of the single "Girls ain't nothing but trouble" !

I watch on Internet but I can't find anything (I think it is because there is no CD version, but maybe ?)

Thanks in advance !

PS : If there is not, maybe I'll buy the vynil with the funny cover... do you know what is the lower price and where I can find it ? Thanks !

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It wasnt released on CD I dont think. The 1988 re-release was released on Cassette as well as vinyl.

I managed to cop the original and the 1988 re-release on Vinyl. Not too expensive, around £5($9ish) each.

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There is no CD single/promo for "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble." There are a few different versions on vinyl only. The original blue labled Word Up release from 1986 featuring the orignal version, the Def Mix, Instrumental and Def Beat. Then there's another Word Up release with this cloudy looking label (i'm not sure the tracklisting, but i know i didn't get it in the past because whatever is on it is on the other versions i have). Then there is the 1987 version with a cover that has "DJ JAZZY JEFF + THE FRESH PRINCE" on it (no pic of them on it tho') with the Oakenfold + Laidly Mix (i forget the rest of the tracklisting). Then there is the version that u have the picture for which is the only Jive release (unless the previous version i just talked about is also from Jive).

I have the original 1986 version, the 1987 version and the 1988 version, i can confirm all of the tracklistings later if u like.

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I have three vinyls of the single. The first one is the word up records sigle with the following tracklist:

Side A: Radio Edit and Instrumental (5:12)

Side B: Def Mix (5:02) and Def Beat (3:00)

Then I have a small single with the Laidley & Oakenfold Mix and Guys Ain't Nothing but Trouble

And I have the 1988 single version including the 1988 Extended Remix, the 1988 SIngle Version, 1988 Instrumental version.

On Side B there are 4 tracks of Brand New Funk.

I also have the red colored vinyl version of Rock the House. This one must feature the original version of the song.

Try to get those 4 articles and you should have all remixes of the song.

I hope I could help.

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