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not Quincy Jones

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i'm sure this doesn't warrant a new thread but whatevs, this has been on my mind since I heard somebody around here say that was Q in the FPOBA opening credits.

KW: Before we start, I hope you could answer this trivia question. I recently

interviewed Rashida Jones and I was asking her about the opening sequence of

every episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Towards the end of the theme

song, when Will gets out of the taxi, I always assumed that the cabdriver was

Quincy Jones. Looks just like him. When I asked Rashida, she said had never

heard that rumor before, and that she didn’t know for sure, but she didn’t think it

was her father. Can you settle the mystery once and for all and tell us whether

that’s Quincy behind the wheel?

JPS: Yes I can. That cabdriver was not Quincy Jones. If I remember correctly,

Will said he was actually somebody from Philly. And it's a cabdriver for sure. I

just can't remember what the story is. But it absolutely is not Quincy Jones.

so there's a bit of trivia for the FPOBA archives. I never thought it was him though, lol.

Jada answered the question during one of her HawthoRNe interviews


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