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New FREE Kel Spencer Downloads & Update!

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What's Goodie Folks?!?

As you know, I drop in from time to time (Cookie watch ya mouF, lol!!)

But incase you didn't know, I'm giving a Free download away for the entire 2009, each and every Wednesday. If you are indeed interested, Check out http://www.Youtube.com/KelSpencerWednesdays

Also, I'm in the process of launching http://www.Youtube.com/KelSpencerInEurope for all of my supporters across the water.

My In-Studio Reality Series "WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS" is getting some pretty decent feedback as I'm about to take that to the next level...

Also, here's what the most recent KS Report looks like ->Youtube Version<- OR ->Vimeo Version<-

The KS Report comes with text, information, links, etc... along with the video you just watched so Reply with your e-mail address so that you can receive The KS Report twice a month.

If you've already sent it to me, then don't worry, you already know what's up...

Well, That's about it... Stay up and if you're suffering from allergies like me, I wish you the best, lol!!!


KEL SPENCER'S "SALON STORIES" Hosted By MC Lyte Coming This Summer




www.Myspace.com/KelSpencerFans (European Myspace)


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What up Kel!!! Hey ya really killin' it right now with those bangin' tracks and you're one of the realest dudes that keeps droppin' the knowledge with the weekly breads, keep it one-hunnit posts on facebook, what happened was? series on youtube, and the ks reports, you're already a hip hop legend in my book, just keep on going my man, peace and much love from ya boy bigted, aka Gracia Miller Jr.(You see me up there on facebook dawg!)

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I've been checkin'...but for some reason my computer isn't downloading half of the trax properly. I was gonna bug one of u 2 send them all 2 me at some point 2 see if it would work thru' AIM or e-mail. The only one i don't need is "Shine All Day" since i picked up the album. I think i've only been able 2 get 3 of them 2 download properly.

Kel, your grind is crazy. U've got so much going on. I know i speak for most of us when i say we look forward 2 all your weekly goodies. Dope music. Still holding out 4 the album.

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is there a way to get that mixtape on cd?

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The CD Burner on my computer's not working right now

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