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Hey guys, I thought I'd start up another little game if anyone's interested. I'll start off by posting a random trivia question associated with the show, then whoever answers it can post the next. I don't think it's a good idea to post another question unless you are certain you've got the previous answer correct, otherwise that could screw things up. Here we go...

[color=red]In the Monte Carlo night episode, what is the number drawn at the raffle when Will wins the cheque?[/color]

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LMBO!!!!!!!!!!! :roll: i cant believe it, i was 1 number out!! i swear i didnt even look that up in anyway and i just remembered it. That was from my days when i didnt have a life and just watched fresh prince all the time. k new question.

what is the banks' familys address in full. (u dont need the zip/post code tho just the house number and road etc)
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