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  1. a litlle off-topic, but isn't that Carltons lucky number, but he didn't play??
  2. ----people talk about how "Friends" was such a great show, but it ain't got nothin' on "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"!!---- Not to be an ass or anything,(or a Fresh Price Hater, cause I lvoe the show) but Seinfeld dominates syndication where I live, It's on 4 times daily, and six times on tues. and wed. But with Nick at Nite, FPOBA may come very close. Anyone have any idea what time FPOBA will be on when it moves to Nick At Nite?? Cause FPOBA is only on at 1&1:30 where I live, and I don't get home untill after 2. So I really miss it.
  3. [quote=DevilsJim89,Mar 26 2004, 02:58 PM]Amazing how one of the best sitcoms of the 90s still hasn't been released on DVD.[/quote] It's not the only great 90's tv show that was snubbed. Seinfeld is FINALLY coming out on dvd in november. I saw a commercial for Hercules, Season 4 on dvd, I was not aware that there was even a show called Hercules, and it beat out Fresh Prince, and Seinfeld by 4 seasons. So many shows are coming out on dvd now, it's bound to happen. The reason Seinfeld took so long to come out on dvd is that not all of the stars wanted to do commentary, but they finally decided. That might be the hold-up with Fresh Prince. It's just a matter of time untill Fresh Prince comes out.
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