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I guess I'm still pulling for a Nuggets/Magic final. I can't stand Kobe. I don't want LeBron to win, mainly because I am jealous of him. Who wouldn't want to go to the NBA out of high school?

That sixth foul on Nene the other night was pretty weak. I hope the Nuggets can atleast force a game seven tonight.

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I'm really rooting for Denver...but I don't think that they are gonna be able to pull off 2 wins in a row...as soft as LA's front line is, I don't see Kobe losing 2 in a row

As for Orlando/Cleveland, the Magic have got it wrapped up, the Cavs cannot match up, it is gonna take 2 more Herculean efforts from LeBron for them to move on

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Ok, Denver didnt even show up to play. Maybe they wanted to get over with the game to go party in Carmelo's bday, I dont know. Cleveland was no match for Orlando in that last game. Lebron looked tired and didnt want to be the principal actor in this game. I only saw West and Varejao playing in the last quarter..

Lakers vs Magics. Interesting series. I wont even see it.

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Lakers will either sweep the Magic or win it 4-1. I don't see the Magic winning more than 2 games agains the Lakers.

The Magic are 2-0 against the Lakers during regular season but I've watched those 2 games, it was so close and Magic got pretty lucky.

This is coming from a Magic fan. Lakers have the deepest and strongest team in the league (Odom, Gasol, Bynum, Ariza, Fisher, not to mention a guy named Kobe.

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I don't wanna see the Lakers win the championship but they seem like the team of destiny but people were saying that the Cavs were the team of destiny too so you never know, it all starts tonight, let the games begin....

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So anybody watching the Finals here? I don't know how much longer the Magic are gonna be in this series if they barely win the Game 3 shooting 63% from the field.... Now if the Lakers go on to win the championship the difference could be from that Courtney Lee layup in Game 2 that shoulda been called a goaltend, even Phil Jackson admitted that should've been a goaltend...

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