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Rumor: Will says they're will be a Hancock 2...


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Director Peter Berg says don't expect 'Hancock 2' anytime soon

Filmmaker has two films beforehand and the project has lots of 'cooks' in the kitchen

If there is anything Sony Pictures is keen on right now it's setting up a sequel to last year's blockbuster anti-superhero movie "Hancock." A screenplay is in the works and star Will Smith appears to have an open calendar in front of him, but director Peter Berg certainly doesn't.

Speaking yesterday while meeting with a few select members of the press to discuss his upcoming event flick "Battleship," Berg says he thinks "Hancock 2" will happen, just not anytime soon. Especially with the "Friday Night Lights" creator shooting "Battleship" next year for a 2011 release and then planning on immediately going into production on the more serious drama "Lone Survivor."

"There are so many cooks in that particular kitchen that are so busy and Will's kind of taken time off to be with his kids and his kids are now making all kinds of films and there are so many people involved in that from Will to his partner James Lassiter to Akiva [Goldsmith] to Michael Man and myself," Berg says. "To get us all in the same room where we can talk and then agree on anything? You'll never meet a group of people who will have a harder time agreeing on anything. It's like the Israeli peace process times a thousand in how tough it is for us all. But I think it will happen, we just all have to get in the same room with some consistency."

HitFix asked Berg if he could see a "Hancock" sequel occurring after shooting "Battleship" next year. It doesn't appear so with him on board as he reiterated that "Lone Survivor" is what he wants to do next.


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I still don't think a Hancock 2 could be a good idea.

For me, the first one was not bad, but was not really good, and the end is disappointing. So I think a second one is not a could idea.

Sometimes, you have to stop on the first one (these last month, there are rumours of sequels for each WS's movies !)

SO the last news is good !

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I'm happy to hear that there is no rush for this movie. Hancock is totally forgetable to me. I think back on all of FP's movie and Hancock is totally forgetable. I liked Seven Pounds and I really enjoyed The Pursuite of Happyness, but to me, I, Robot was the last great "Will Smith movie." I think after some time passes, they'll realize there's not a very good chance that Hancock 2 would be good or even necessary. It's time 2 break out the comedy with classic FP swagga and maybe some action.

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I agree with AJ, people need to get some of that will smith charm on a movie, hancock, im legend and 7pounds just werent the Will Smith we knew from back in the day..

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Peter Berg Has '40 Different' Story Ideas For 'Hancock 2'

Despite lots of interest, "Hancock 2" has yet to take flight. Back in 2009, screenwriters were hired and the cast of Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman seemed back on board, but the movie stalled out due to scheduling issues.

Recently, there's been a renewed interest in the project. Director Peter Berg let it slip that Smith had some great new ideas for the sequel that the two of them had been toying around with. MTV News caught up with Berg recently while he was promoting his new film "Battleship" to try to get the record straight. Turns out a "Hancock 2" will definitely happen ... if he and Smith are able to actually meet with one another.

"I've talked to Will Smith about it several times. We're just all busy, you know? It sounds lame, but we're busy and it's hard to get everybody in the same room," Berg said. "Will's got his career and he's obviously very close with his children and their careers are taking off and if we can all figure out a way to get in the same room to hash out a script ... then we'll make the movie."

It sounds like that means "Hancock 2" is still a ways off, but at least Berg and Smith do have ideas about the project. Berg wasn't kidding when he said Smith was tossing around some storylines, but the problem is that they can't decide which one they want to use.

"We've come up with like 40 different storylines. We all change our minds all the time so we're like hyperactive little kids. Like, 'Oh man, it would be cool if the Internet started a competition on how to kill Hancock?'" Berg teased. "That was one idea we had."



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