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Michael Jackson ft Will Smith


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Hey guys, what would you think if columbia/sony or whoever has the rights of the song release a compilation album of unreleased Michael Jackson tracks? I think now, after Michael's death, it would sell very well. That would be a great chance to release a cd like including this 2 unreleased songs featuring Will, don't you think?

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Not in "some form"...orginal form. We don't want FP's verse(s) taken off and we don't want them doctored. 2Pac's and Left Eye's music have been runined by that. Unless it's being advertised as a remix album 2 music that has been released in it's original form...i only want the orginals.

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The thing i like about The Ultimate Collection is that they put the previously unreleased stuff on there in it's original form. Some of it was totally mastered and finished. Some of it was very raw. To be honest, i didn't like all of the previously released tracks that much in that box set. But the songs i do like, i like alot. My fear is that they'll take his unreleased work and doctor it up and remix it like they have 2Pac's and Left Eye's music. If they do that, we might be hearing the the MJ + FP track without even knowing it cuz they could take off FP and remix the beat.

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Wow I didn't know MJ was working on his album with R. Kelly, I really wanna hear what they did, that's huge

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