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Will & Jada Pinkett Smith's SIRIUS Studio Stop

Teaming up for some promotional duties, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted arriving at SIRIUS Satellite Radio Studios in New York City today (June 13).

The “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” stud and his beautiful wife both dressed casually and smiled for the shutterbugs as they strolled past.

During her interview with Ryan Seacrest, Jada bragged about her daughter Willow Smith and her blossoming music career.

“Willow is doing fantastic! She’s got two new singles that will be dropping this summer. She just finished up with her music in the studio and she’s ready to get back into it. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her and of course she will probably come and see you first with the new hot joint.”

As for motherhood, Jada shared, “I think the most fulfilling thing is allowing them to fulfill their dreams and seeing them fly. This is probably the most gratifying experience that I could have. Giving them the opportunities that they’ve had and being by their sides will be most gratifying thing that I will probably ever do in my life.”




Jada Pinkett Smith visits SiriusXM Studio on June 13, 2011 in New York City.


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Jada Pinkett Smith

Movie star, mother of two of the most famous kids on the planet and actor Will Smith's better half Jada Pinkett Smith spoke with Val and Ryan via satellite today on "Windy City LIVE." Pinkett Smith chatted about her celebrated family and the third season premiere of her show "Hawthorne," airing Tuesday night at 10/9C on TNT.


A chat with Jada Pinkett Smith


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Willow Smith: Barnes and Noble Reader!

Willow Smith leaves a Barnes and Noble bookstore with a bag full of books and magazines on Sunday (June 12) in Calabasas, Calif.

Last week, the 10-year-old pop phenom attended the graduation of her older half-brother Trey, who was recently offered a scholarship to FCS Northern Arizona.

Nick Jonas recently teamed up with Quaker to find young talent like Willow!

“I think for this particular competition, I have to keep it in the mind-set of young artists at this moment, so I’d say, like, somebody with the overall star power and star qualities of Willow Smith,” Nick said.


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Jada: Miley's got nothing on me

Jada Pinkett Smith tells HLN's Joy Behar about parenting celebrity kids, and how she was trouble when she was a teenager.


The Talk - Tuesday Preview, June 14

Today, Jada Pinkett Smith joins us. And a surprise appearance by Will Smith!


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Jada Pinkett Smith Visits "FOX & Friends"

Stepping out for a promotional appearance, Jada Pinkett Smith was spotted at FOX Studios in New York City this morning (June 14).

Ms. Smith looked fabulous as she chatted with Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson, and Steve Doocy about the upcoming season of her show “Hawthorne,” along with making family a priority.

Last night, Jada dropped by “Chelsea Lately” where she talked with Chelsea Handler about how Justin Bieber reminds her of her husband Will.

“He’s my little sweetie. I remember when he did the MTV awards and he came home with Jaden to stay with us… He immediately went to the computer and he wanted us to gather around and he wanted to critique his show… And I’m looking at him and I’m going, ‘If I’m not looking at a little Will Smith!’”




Another clip!


Will is behind the camera laugh.gif

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Jada Pinkett Smith talks about Hawthorne, remaking the 80's cult classic Thundercats cartoon, confirms that the Annie movie is in the works and dishes on her secret to success.

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And the award for the most promo appearances in 24 hours go to (DRUMS)...
interesting info in this interview: http://thebuzzcincy.com/tom-joyner-morning-show/1230amwdbz2/jada-pinkett-smith-talks-family-filming-hawthorne/

Trey takes a year off to pursue producing career. Jaden is going to do that sc-fi film.

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