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I don't know how you can delete it, but you don't need to. You just gave your opinion, there's nothing wrong with it. And yeah, we're here to talk about Will and his family, always with respect, so I personally don't have any problem with what you said.

Anyways, if you still want to delete your comment, just click on "Edit", erase your text and just write "Post edited" or something like that.

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Willow Smith: White House Easter Egg Roll!

Willow Smith is pretty in plaid as she arrives at the 2011 White House Easter Egg Roll, held on Monday (April 25) in Washington, D.C.

The 10-year-old “21st Century Girl” singer, who was joined by big bro Jaden and her mom and dad, Jada and Will, stepped out for a sound check earlier in the day.

Willow is just one of several performers scheduled for the day’s event, which will bring in 30,000 visitors to the White House’s back lawn - also hitting the stage are Greyson Chance and Colbie Caillat!


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I just thought I'd bring back these old vids for those who haven't seen them yet. And if you have, it's always good to share a laugh!

Queen Latifah's speach during Museum of Moving Image salutes Will Smith in 2007.

Will Smith was a guest on Oprah during the promotion of The Pursuit of Happyness. Jaden and Willow joined him during the interview and Willow pretty much stole the show...

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Exclusive: Willow Smith Shows Her Moves & Flies High Above the Crowd (VIDEO)

Is there anything Willow Smith can’t do?

Celebuzz is proud to premiere this exclusive video of the 10-year-old diva, which shows the starlet prepping for her performance at the Kids’ Choice Awards last month. In case you had any doubts for some ridiculous reason, the video is pretty fantastic.

From her awesome dance moves to the sweet sounds of “21st Century Girl” playing in the background, Willow’s limitless energy is absolutely captured in this exclusive clip.

Check out the video of the hard-working Willow for yourself!


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Jada Pinkett Smith: J-Lo gives great advice

Jada Pinkett Smith says Jennifer Lopez offers useful tips when she visits the set of Hawthorne.

Jada stars in the US medical drama, which also features Jennifer’s husband Marc Anthony, and the pair get along swimmingly. Jada has revealed Jennifer, who has twins Emme and Max with Marc, often comes to visit her husband on the set. She is always happy to offer feedback on the show, as well as offering delicious food to the cast members.

“I love Marc Anthony, we enjoy working together so much. He’s an exceptional artist,” gushed Jada in an interview with a British magazine.

“Yes she does - Mama comes to the set [laughs]! She tells us what storylines are working and what ones aren’t. I love having her around, although she’s always trying to get me fat.”

Jada admits Jennifer may not always make all the gourmet treats she dishes out herself. Although Jada is sure Jennifer is a whizz in the kitchen, she joked that the singer-and-actress also has some highly skilled employees.

“She is a good cook. Well, her cooks are good cooks,” she laughed.


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