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Will Smith’s Ex Sheree Fletcher: Jada Pinkett and I Are Friendly—Though We Don’t Do Lunch

Being the former wife of the biggest movie star on the planet can’t be easy.

But Sheree Fletcher—who was married to Will Smith from 1992 to 1995—handles it with wisdom, sensitivity and aplomb.

"There has to be forgiveness, there has to be compromise," Sheree (above) tells us of parenting with Will. "And it's been a blessing because we've been able to do that."

Interviewed on Marketing Ministry, Sheree chats about her relationship with Will’s second wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, whom he wed in 1997, and about the blended family’s three children:

Trey, Sheree and Will’s son, who turns 18 next month; Jaden, 12, Jada and Will’s son; and Willow, Jada and Will’s daughter, who turns 10 this month.

“Our kids don’t refer to each other—and when I say three kids I’m talking about Willow and Jaden—they don’t refer to each other as half brother and half sister,” Sheree—who, with second hubby Terrell Fletcher, pastors the City of Hope International Church in San Diego, Calif.—tells host Wanda Adams.

“That concept is so foreign to them. They are brothers and sister. Period.

“And one of the things I never did—I know sometimes we have a tendency to use our kids as pawns—and if I’m mad at you then you’re not going to see [your father]. That’s so foolish, because you’re taking it out on your child.”

Sheree goes on to explain how she and Jada keep things in check.

“I’ve had people ask me, ‘Are you and Jada friends?’ Jada and I are friendly, absolutely,” she says.

“And see, too, it depends on your understanding of the word friend. Jada and I don’t do things separately [from the kids]—like, ‘Girl, what you doing today? Let’s get lunch.’ Or ‘Let’s go see a movie.’

“We don’t cross that line. Because, see, now what happens is if we have an issue in our friendship, it affects everything. Now it affects the kids.

“We have to really preserve what we have and guard it. You’ve gotta have boundaries.”

Sheree also touches on how Terrell, a former running back for the San Diego Chargers, deals with her incessantly being referred to as Will’s ex.

“It is what it is. It kind of comes with the territory, unfortunately. And that’s part of the baggage that I come with,” she says.

“It took Terrell five years to propose, and that very thing is probably what dragged it out so long.

“But, obviously, it’s not an easy thing. I’m his current wife and to always be referred to as someone else’s ex-wife, that can’t be easy.

“But you know, he’s such an amazing man. And who else would really put up with and walk into this situation? It’s not really an easy thing to do. But it takes a secure man, it takes somebody who knows who they are.”

Source: http://blog.blogtalkradio.com/celebrities/smiths-sheree-fletcher-jada-pinkett-friendlythough-lunch/

Click here to hear Sheree Fletcher’s full interview!


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Will Smith & Family: New York City Night

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith brought daughter Willow, 9, along as they stepped out for a night on the town in New York City on Monday (October 18).

Will and Jada's son Jaden, 12, had his turn in the spotlight earlier this year with his starring role in Karate Kid, and now little sis Willow is getting her turn to shine with her budding music career.

The video for Willow's single Whip My Hair was just released and the young singer will make her live-performance debut on Ellen on November 2.



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Will doesnt need to act anymore, he can make millions with these 2 kids.

Yes, but I'm more interested in see him acting and doing music than in his kids acting and doing music ;-) In those pictures he looks too thin.

Who's the girl with the blue t-shirt?

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Willow Smith Shows Her True Stripes

Willow Smith Oct. 19She might only be 9, but Willow Smith is the daughter of Hollywood royalty Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and as such, girl knows what she’s doing when it comes to celebrity. Riding high on the buzz around the catchy as all-get out video for “Whip My Hair,” this tiny pop princess strutted in striped pants Tuesday in NYC. Her hair pretty much stayed put.


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