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I love Hawthorne. IMO it's improved a lot in season 2, and it's the only drama on tv right now with a AA woman in the lead not to mention executive producing. I'm happy for Jada, she puts a lot into her family so it's nice she has something for herself and I love that she's back on tv.

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Patti LaBelle and Producers Jada Pinkett Smith and Wil Smith pose backstage on Patti LaBelle's Opening Night at 'Fela!' on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on September 14, 2010 in New York City.



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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith see 'Fela!' and Jay-Z

Fans had tears in their eyes last night during the final of four Home and Home tour stops for Jay-Z and Eminem, reports MTV.

The pair played two shows in Detroit and then took a break for the Video Music Awards. On Monday, they rocked a sold-out Yankee Stadium, bringing Kanye West, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé on stage.

Last night, Kanye again made an appearance, as did Swizz Beatz and Nicki Minaj. Meanwhile, Akon, Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith posed backstage. It was a busy night for the Smiths, who earlier were on hand to see Patti LaBelle make her official debut in Broadway's Fela!


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