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That interview with the two of them must be the dumbest thing I have ever read!! Seriously, how f**king dumb to you have to be to say stuff like that and actually be serious about it ... "School isn't real because it ends." So everything that ends is not real? WTF? Everything ends you useless plantpot ... you'll end ... are you not real?

Sorry, but it continues to impress and annoy me how entitled rich kids can get and lose all touch with reality. No wonder Will is making less and less movies these days if he has to deal with this s**t every day :)

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That interview was so bizarre and clueless, it was hilarious. It almost read as a parody of some faux-intellectual hipster talking nonsense. I feel bad about hating these kids, but it's not coincidence that Will's career suffered when they started getting a career of their own. Hopefully, Will is done doing projects with them.

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I used to think that these kids were super smart, i think thats still the case they just need to channel it properly. They need a bit of a reality check instead of living in their hollywood world. This interview is so out there that no-one sane can possibly relate to it so no-one is ever gonna like them. If they want a career in acting or music they really need to stop like kind of talk.

And i agree, it makes Will look bad.

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From Jada's Facebook:
I'm having Thanksgiving this year in the land of which my grandmother was born...Jamaica.
I'm deeply grateful this Thanksgiving, but there will be prayer at my dinner table tonight for the Brown family, the family of Tamir Rice and all the men and women we have lost to violence.
My love to you and yours.
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