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A few weeks ago while he was in New York recording tracks from his upcoming mixtape The Cool Tape the.LIFE Files sat in on a studio session with 14-year old Jaden Smith. In this clip Javid finds out about Jaden's relationship with pop star Justin Beiber, where he gets his unique fashion sense and why he doesn't watch much TV. We also find out why the best advice Will Smith has ever given his son was to not lie and how recording "Starry Room" changed the way Jaden deals with girls and relationships. Jaden even got busy on the keys, giving us an impromptu performance. Can you believe this teen already has a clothing line, three movies and a burgeoning music career under his belt?

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Willow Smith Shows Off New Braided Locks

Her personal style and fashion choices are always evolving, and on Monday (October 1) Willow Smith showed off another new look, sporting long, braided locks while enjoying some shopping in Calabasas, CA.

The 11-year-old songstress opted for the grunge appearance, wearing skinny jeans, combat boots, and a checkered button-up top around the Commons at Calabasas.


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From Jada's Facebook:

I am on a tremendous journey of great change in every area of my life and I see how change can be scary. For instance, how Will and I raise our family is a tremendous change from the norm. It can be scary for some folks but it should never THREATEN how anyone else chooses to raise their own children or how they choose to live their lives. We all have the freedom to CHOOSE to live how we want. The freedom of choice is the crux of happiness. We are not here to live up to another's approval. Take responsibility for YOUR life, YOUR values, YOUR beliefs and expect NO ONE to hold that banner for you or to prove it RIGHT. When we do THAT...what someone else is doing won't matter so much. Remember...one day you will die. Don't waste a moment simply fearing to live because of what someone may think about it.

Live and...let live!!!!

Pura VIDA!


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Jada Pinkett Smith: Madagascar made up for Lion King rejection

Jada Pinkett Smith wanted to do 'Madagascar' to make up for being rejected for 'The Lion King'.

The 41-year-old actress auditioned for the role of Simba's mother Sarabi in the 1994 family film but admits she admits being ''absolutely horrible'' so she was keen to voice the role of Gloria the hippopotamus in the computer-animated comedy franchise to make up for her previous disappointment.

She said: ''I once auditioned for Simba's mother in 'The Lion King'. And I was absolutely horrible. I had no idea what I was doing. I made myself sound like a lion, because I had no idea I could use my own voice. I felt I need to do this to make up for that faux pas in my career.''

Jada admits she had to ''become a child'' again to portray Gloria and she found herself using her imagination ''in a different way'' compared to playing an alter-ego in a live action movie because her part was recorded in a booth rather than on a set.

She added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I think you almost have to become a child to act like this. You have to use your imagination in a different way, and think what the place looks like in your scene. In this movie, for instance, we're at the circus. You have to let go all that seriousness of being an adult.''


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Jada Pinkett Smith never thought she'd reach 40

Jada Pinkett Smith found turning 40 "surreal" - because she didn't think she'd live past 21.

The 'Madagascar 3' star - who raises Trey, 19, Jaden, 14, and 11-year-old Willow with husband Will Smith - admits turning 40 in September 2011 was "surreal" because she grew up in such a tough neighbourhood, she never expected to live so long.

She said: "I grew up in a drug-infested neighbourhood where you walk out each day and you just hope that you make it. I came from a war zone.

"There was a possibility that I wouldn't make it past 21 - that was the reality. When I turned 40 it was a surreal moment because I had never imagined reaching 40. I looked at my husband and said, 'Oh my God, I'm 40! What am I going to do now?' So yes, it does put things in perspective."

Jada - who was raised by her drug-addicted mother Adrienne and grandmother Marion - is thankful her own children don't have the upbringing she had and she has no idea how she would cope if she were in her mother's situation.

She told You magazine:"I'd be terrified if I had to raise my kids in the environment I grew up in. When I look at them, I see them flourishing at such young ages and I wish to God I could have had the luxury to sit back and think, 'Mum, I want to go out and get my vocal lessons today because I have this new song that I want to write.'

"What I had to think about was, 'Oh man, I wonder what I'm going to eat tonight because there's no food here. How am I going to get to school? And is my mum going to be OK today? Will this be one more day she survives her addiction?' That's the kind of stuff I had to think about at 11."


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Leona Lewis - Leona Lewis' Shame Over Will Smith Meeting

Leona Lewis' Shame Over Will Smith Meeting

Leona Lewis was left red-faced at a star-studded party when her aunt accosted Will Smith and insisted he pose for a photograph with the singer.

The Bleeding Love hitmaker took her relative to a showbiz bash, but Lewis began to regret her choice of guest when her aunt began hounding the Hollywood actor.

She tells Britain's Celebs on Sunday magazine, "I took my auntie to an event and she stalked Will Smith saying, 'I'm going to get a picture of you with him'. I was like, 'Please don't embarrass me!'

"But she marched up and dragged him over to me and said, 'You need to have a picture with my niece Leona, she's a singer'. And he was really sweet to her and like, 'Ok, Auntie!' even though she was being a crazy person. He's used to it I imagine, but he knew who I was so that was kind of cool."


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