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"Shooting music video today downtown for @officialjaden,@officialwillow,@treysmith0011!!letsgetit"
What is this now,all three of them?!Jade is their cousin.Also Sheree put picture on his twotter and wrotte:"Loving this pic!@treysmith0011 the producer/hit maker on se instagr.am/p/PANQ4EooPX/"
Well,have to admit that I'm really curiouse this time,mostly because of Trey LOL!

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ArnStar Music Genius @Mr_ArnStar

The Fresh King meets the New Fresh Prince...Will Smith



DeAnte Law @DeAnte_Law

Kicking it with Will Smith at Willow's video shoot! We're about the same height right??lmao. After all of his success, he is still humble. Great guy!!



BTW, what happened with Jada's Instagram? It doesn't work for me anymore..

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DeAnte Law ‏@DeAnte_Law

Me & Jada Pinkett-Smith!! I was so honored that she asked me to freestyle solo in the music video!! An amazing actress/model/video director/mom. This is who you should aspire to be like my beautiful black women!

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