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Nas "Untitled" takes No.1 Spot from Lil Wayne


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Best Album Alive? Nas Wrests No.1 Spot from Lil Wayne

Wednesday July 23, 2008

Even without a title, Nas managed to land his 5th No.1 debut this week. Untitled dethroned Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III from the top spot after selling 187,000 copies in the U.S., according to Billboard.com.

Carter III, on the other hand, has now moved to No.2 with 105,000 copies sold at the end of the 7-day cycle.

Nas' numbers appear dismal in comparison to his last album, Hip-Hop Is Dead, which debuted at No.1 with 354,000 copies back in 2006. I find it surprising that Untitled didn't even crack the 200K mark after all the buzz and controversy that surrounded its release.





I cant believe such a good album just didnt even hit 200 K in its first week. I mean, whats going on? People spent all them money watching Batman or something? Maybe it was the early leak, or maybe the title controversy, or perhaps people are llosing interest more and more about good music. The truth is that dumb wayne sold that in the first ours of his album release and Nas couldnt. Freaking Carter 3 is still over a 100 k copies which I just cant understand. I ordered Untitled and Im waiting for it to see what happened with its sales and quality since I didnt want to hear the leaks and sabotage my delight.

People, What do yall think of the poor sales for such an interesting album? What happened there?

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I'm not surprised personally, it's a damn shame but the truth is you can't expect the mindless teens that listen to Lil' Wayne to understand the substance of a Nas album, btw I like how Nas is standing up and fighting the power of these lame journalists, check this out:

UPDATE: Nas Goes To War W/ Fox, “Demands” Network “Stop Racist Attacks”

Written By Danica Dow

Nas joined a throng of protesters at the Fox News building in Manhattan this afternoon to deliver over 600,000 petitions demanding that the network stop racist smearing against African-Americans and democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

As SOHH previously reported, Nas partnered with grassroots organizations ColorofChange.org and MoveOn.org to put an end to what they call Fox’s “racist propaganda.”

“I’m here today to stand with the ColorofChange.org,” Nas said as he read from a prepared speech. “Over 600,000 people of every color across the country are demanding that Fox stop their racist attacks on the Obama family and on black America.”

“We already know that Fox is not a news network,” he continued. “They are a propaganda machine but their racist attacks have gone way too far. Calling Michele Obama ‘Barack’s baby momma?’ Tell me is that acceptable to you? Is that racist?” he asked the crowd.

Nas also referenced the network’s portrayal of the fist bump that Barack and Michelle Obama shared as a “terrorist fist jab” and Fox anchor Bill O’Reilly’s call for a “lynching party” for the woman who may become First Lady.

“Fox poisons this country every time they air racist propaganda and try to call it news,” said the Queensbridge rapper. “This should outrage every American that Fox uses hateful language to talk about the person who may be the first black president.”

According to Nas the Obamas aren’t the only victims of Fox News. He also blames the network for attacking, black leaders, black institutions, ordinary black people and of course hip-hop artists.

“It’s offensive to black Americans,” he said. “It’s offensive to all Americans. That’s why I wrote on my new album a song called, ‘Sly Fox,’" he said before reciting a few lines from the song.

“Watch what you watchin’/ Fox keeps feeding us toxins/ stop sleepin’/ start thinkin’.”

In related news Nas’ Untitled album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 today. The controversial album was Nas’ fifth No. 1 album, and sold 187,000 albums it’s first week out.

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While real emcees(Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Roots, ETc) struggle to go gold & platinum, mindless, ignorant rappers(I.e. Lil Wayne) are still selling. It shows that dumb, mindless teenagers don't know what good music sounds like.

Congrats to Nas for going #1. It's a shame that he didn't do the numbers that Wayne is doing....

:dontgetit: :dontgetit: :shakehead: :shakehead:

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Hero is great single material. It's got a video. Problem is that he's got at least 3 videos right now (Hero, Sly Fox, and Be a N****r Too). I'm not seeing Hero on TV, Sly Fox will never make it to the TV and Be a N****r Too got pulled from the album (it wouldn't have made it to TV/Radio either). But I get the feeling like he really doesn't care too much. You can think of it as trying to sell through controversy or you can see it as marketing suicide. His marketing budget has basically been used to feed those who watch videos on the net and them exclusively. I'm sure Hero will make some rounds (and we might get a single with Make the World Go Round) but it's not gonna do enough to detract from crap like Lil' Wayne.

God Blessa!

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I was just about to make a post and ask if Nas "Untitled" is doing any damage. How come I'm not seeing "Hero" on the charts? Even if you are a mindless teenager, you can still rock out to it. Everytime I hear that song I think "Damn how can this song not go straight to Number 1?" Its that hot.

Whats up with LL also? Is "Baby" and "Rockin Wt the GOAT" doin any damage?

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I was just about to make a post and ask if Nas "Untitled" is doing any damage. How come I'm not seeing "Hero" on the charts? Even if you are a mindless teenager, you can still rock out to it. Everytime I hear that song I think "Damn how can this song not go straight to Number 1?" Its that hot.

I honestly think it is a result of the Nas flow. He flows amazing, if you pay attention. But too many people probably say "Why is he saying so much so quickly on the beat...just stop talking."

And unfortunately the beat is all people care about. They'd be much more comfortable with 8 pauses or repeated simple phrases.

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