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Listening to that new Redman/Method Man song "Mrs. International" makes me feel like I'm 12 years old and back in the '90s again, hearing about some of my favorite NBA players from back in the day like Jordan/D.Robinson/Stockton going to the hall of fame brings that feeling back too

Right now I'm listening to BellBivDevoe "Ain't Nothin' Changed"(the remix), they were saying in an interview on allhiphop.com that they're working on another album

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The Jordan hall fame news really got me hyped up.. I hope I continue to receive good news like that all week, Ginobili out for the playoffs was a low on my week..

I believe I can fly- R. Kelly

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Slick Rick "Top Cat"

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Many men- 50 Cent.

This must be his best song.

"Sunny days wouldnt be special, if it wasnt for rain.

Joy wouldnt feel so good, if it wasnt for pain.

Death oughta be easy, 'cause life is hard

It will leave you physically, mentally and emotionally scarred."

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