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Q-TIP - Gettin' Up

The Renaissance (2008)

If u love Hip-Hop...BUY THIS ALBUM!! Straight Hip-Hop, good lyrics, dope down-2-earth production, subject matter that isn't tasteless. I was a little skeptical...but this is DOPE!! Circuit City's version has the bonus track "Feva." Only $9.99, y'all!!

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Rakim - Waiting For The World To End

By the way, can anyone tell me which Bone Thugs N hamorny Album is the best one to get? Same with Mack 12, Craiq Mack. Thanks.

Hey Turntable, I don't have either of these albums but these would definitely be the ones to get.

Bone THugs N Harmony - 1999 Enternal (or E 1999 something??, it's got "1st of Da Month", "Tha Crossroads" on it.)

and Craig Mack's 'Project: Funk Da World' (easy must have of his)

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I finally got the import single for that featuring Soulpower remixes!!! One of my all time fav 2Pac songs.

ZHANE + QUEEN LATIFAH - Request Line (Remix)

Request Line (CD Single) (1997)

I love hearing old stuff 4 the 1st time!!

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