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What Are You Listening To? XVIII

Da Brakes

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Evolver (2008)

Hmmm...i'm almost half way thru' this album. The music is good but not on the level of his 1st album...or the 2nd (tho' i didn't listen 2 that one as much). Brandy is NICE on this one. Andre 3000 has a good guest spot. Kanye West continues 2 reach for new levels of 'suck' on his appearance. Why is John ripping the honest soul out of his music and polishing it??

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Eminem - I'm having a relapse

new.. not bad..

i remember listening to that and thinking it wasnt good. is that a freestyle? cause i remember him doing that eastern voice or whatever and got turned off.

but me,

Common- U, Black Maybe

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