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What Are You Listening To? XVIII

Da Brakes

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Throwback ~ Usher

... this is my workout joint. The beat is off the chain. The vybe of this joint helps me to really LEAN into sprinting up hills..

whooooo. gotta luv that sorta challenge... VIPA_GTS!!! I need an MP3 copy of that remix U did of this joint just 4 me a few years back homie!!! ..


~ cookie

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RAPHAEL SAADIQ - Keep Marchin'

The Way I See It (2008)

He's back with a great vintage R-N-B sound. This is totally authentic. All Tony Toni Tone fans, R-N-B, Soul fans, and Motown fans need 2 check this album. I'm only 3 songs in and i'm very impressed.

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(self-titled) (2008)

Has anyone checked these guys? I stumbled across their myspace page the other day and really liked alot of their songs. The album dropped Tuesday so i picked it up and i'm really pleased. It's a Hip-Hop group with reggae and indie rock influenced laced thru' out the music. Circuit City has their album on sale thru' Saturday for just $6.99. I urge y'all 2 check 'em out.

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SPEECH - I'm Just AN M.C.

Hoopla '98 (1998)

...one of the greatest Hip-Hop's 2 drop b4 the 2000's. Incredibly overlooked. Yo Tim, this 1998 release from Japan has 5 trax not on the 1999 version. Usually it goes crazy expensive whenever it shows up on ebay. I got this one for just $5. There was another, u might wanna check 4 it!

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