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Happy Birthday viber!


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Man, what would we do without you? Always bringing the latest news and good stuff to the board. Keep it up dude :thumbsup:

Hope you have a great birthday!

:tee: :clap2: :birthday: :7: :respect: :dj: :Party_fest09: :kool: :yeah: :wickedwisdom: :jazzy: :party: :pony: :wiggle: :gettinjiggywitit:

By the way, Happy Birthday to little Jaden too! :lolsign:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :birthday: :7: :Party_fest09: :Party_fest09: HOPE ITS A REAL GOOD DAY FOR YOU..

aww I forgot Jaden had a birthday ... Happy Birthday cute little Jaden also...



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Crap, sorry I'm late guys! I didn't even notice this thread :shakehead:

Anyway, Thanx everyone! I had a good birthday, nothing special. Got some great stuff, a ticket to a concert with Tower of Power and Mary J Blige... Tower of Power were great, MJB was ok. She used way to much bass in her show, it felt like an earthquake everytime the drummer hit the bass drum :) But it was all good.

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