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Hancock $150 million Opening Weekend


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By Monday, July 7, Will Smith will be the undisputed No. 1 movie star in the world. My sources tell me that tracking for Hancock (Sony) is in the stratosphere, and its five-day gross will be, conservatively, in the $140 million-$150 million range, with a bigger number highly possible. That would give the former Fresh Prince his eighth consecutive $100 million movie...
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Mason is often wrong when it comes to estimates , I think the other one has a better prediction rate, they predict around 100-125 for Hancock.

150 seems a bit impossible, it would have to do 30M a day and weekdays that's hardly possible.

I'm personally estimating around 110, even that is pretty amazing IMO.

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Guest dreamscaper

I read the same article, and what impressed me was Will Smith's track record for his past eight movies:

MOST $100 MILLION MOVIES IN A CAREER (List includes animated films and excludes cameos)

1. Tom Hanks — 15

2. Tom Cruise — 14

3. Eddie Murphy — 13

4. Will Smith — 12 (including Hancock)

4. Harrison Ford — 12

6. Jim Carrey — 11

6. Robin Williams — 11

8. Mel Gibson — 10

9. Matt Damon — 9

10. Bruce Willis — 8

10. Jack Nicholson — 8

Will Smith, however, is about to do something unprecedented, a feat never accomplished even by either of the Toms, Hanks and Cruise. Hancock will be his eighth consecutive blockbuster to gross $100 million or more.

Men in Black II (2002) — $52.14 million opening, $190.41 million cume

Bad Boys II (2003) — $46.52 million opening, $138.6 million cume

I, Robot (2004) — $52.17 million opening, $144.8 million cume

Shark Tale (2004) — $47.6 million opening, $160.86 million cume

Hitch (2005) — $43.12 million opening, $179.49 million cume

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) — $26.54 million opening, $163.56 million cume

I Am Legend (2007) — $77.21 million opening, $256.39 million cume

Hancock (2008) — $150 million opening (Estimated)

After reading this whenever I hear someone mention a new Will Smith movie I cant help but think of someone who can make successful movies in his sleep!

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wow... looking at those stats,.. its not hard to understand why Will's attention and focus is more on movies than muzik,, he's shaking his money maker.. lol

regardless.. congrats goes to him for making that list,,... i do notcie there is no female actress on the list however...



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