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FuQ - 21...Ways To Flow


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Hey JJFP board,

I haven't been by for quite some time. It's been 7 months since I made any new music. From Oct - May. I finally recorded a new song in May, and have put it out to hear in June. It's called "21...Ways To Flow". It's a play off of Shanice's album "21...Ways To Grow", which is really good btw. Because if AJ's got it, you know it's good.

The beat was produced by Quality. His production is really amazing. And being a member of the board, you should've heard some of his stuff. His beats match my personality, which is probably why I like them so much. A smooth, laid-back groove.



It's also on facebook via iLike (for those of you that have it)


21 is the age, I been turnin' pages, spittin' my flow for days

Rhythms in a journal, I know how to narrate

It's pain, struggle, hustle, drive

I'm tired of livin', just nudging by

Judge me why?

I got a confidence that sees your perceptions as lies

I want to lay with a sexy female, tell her all my dreams

Ones not accomplished, those in progress, and ones already happening

Suppose to see the age as mature, but I feel like a punk to the core

Centered the pain like a Figure Four

twisted lives from out the door

Takin' my time, find tranqulity in watchin' skyline

Tryna get by, a street light beyond the block

Beyond endurance of my clock, that ticks and tocks

Invert my personal hurt, see 20/partial

A mirror fears no feedback that I offer tomorrow

I borrow the overease of weed smokers and mix karma

The comeback kid with sweet senses and no sorrow

Many ways to flow, so follow these creatives you can't borrow

as I foreshow, what I started to know

21, got ways to flow

It's therapeutic, give me proper regroupin' to get inside

Paint pictures via my eyes, my visions are no surprise

But leave the average man stupified

like Doug Funnie's Quailman, 2nd childhood characters give me a plan

Adolescent adult, I keep my faults in a vault

but never bury 'em, keep up with the ever-changing America

as I try to be everything I wanna be

Journey progression, still steppin' and 'Stressin' Destiny'

I'm distorted in what's respect, build up with need and neglect

I need that reset button to get my mind in check

and neglect the balance that feeds personally

21...Ways To Flow, everything in me

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Glad to see some of ya'll liking the track! In case you didn't know, my nickname is Quality for those who are wondering. Yeah, FuQ spit it real nice on this joint, it sounds dope.

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