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Oh, I get it, so u were joking about having the best nfl player on your signature.. LOL, THAT WAS HILARIOUS! Almost got me there Bob..

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Tiger is out for the year Big Willie, :shakehead:

I know dude, it's a huge shame, golf will be boring without him there. But it just adds more to his victory at the US Open, he won it on one leg. Tiger is a huge testament to the game and the sooner he can come back the better, because the game will miss him dearly. However, rushing back again is not the answer, he needs to take the time off necessary and then he'll be back better than ever, which is a terrifying thought. 2009 Tiger Woods Grand Slam... I'm calling it now!

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he puts too much pressure on his leg/knee in his swing..thats the problem..

Thats down to his club head speed, the more you accelerate, the more pressure you put on your front leg, especially as on his release his front foot jumps up. You can see how much his body drops on his swing. One thing is for sure, financially, the game of golf is gonna suffer without Tiger in the field.

Tiger is definitely in the top 3 most influential sportsman ever, maybe even the most influential.

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