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Happy Birthday Cookies!


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  • 4 weeks later...

awwwww... how sweeet!!!!!!! :signthankspin: :paperbag: thank you guys soo much!!!! i 4got i had a birthday. lol.

oh man.. im just getting to read this about a month later.. its so nice to read... even now... thank all of you for the great birthday wishes and love as always.. and i did see afew ages there.. but imma be 19 for the last tyme this year... LOL promise... LOL. I dont know what age imma be nextyear. but i think 21 sounds good. LOL

"La Galleta"... ??? .... Haven't heard that in ages. LOL. (its my nickname in spanish. ) Dont know what u tagged me with there Kevtastic.. but it sounds fun. lol. I was in Florida, relaxing "away" from my kids ... phone turned off most of the tyme...and sleeping alot .. still haven't met that handsome man i was hoping to see near the Florida beaches.. so oh well.... lol

thanks again fam.. i love u all.. what would my life be without all of you to make me smile????



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