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Will Smith opens Scientology School


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The internet is going crazy over Will Smith opening a "scientology school." It's the number one story on digg(http://www.digg.com) and everyone is linking to the story on twitter.

Yes this is really gonna hurt Will's career. You should see some of the responses. People are vowing to no longer support Will Smith and not see his movies. I've been a huge defender of these mostly false rumours about Scientology but this story does seem to have some facts behind it. The school contains 6 Scientologists as teachers and offers "Study Tech" which was developed by L. Ron Hubbard and is used worldwide by the Church of Scientology


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This has got to be a false rumor and people are buying it like crazy up in that page...Its gonna affect him a lot if the word gets spread...


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here are the facts on the school...


Will talking about it back in december...

More news about it in this Will Smith page ive never heard of...


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Guest Bgodley

Oh man, I love Will Smith, I hate to see him get suckered into Scientology because they prey on good people. I know this because I used to be in the cult quite a few years. They told me all these fairy tales about how we were saving the world, and when I spent enough money (about $300,000) to move up levels, they told me the whole Xenu alien overlord myth and I felt like a complete chump.

All these years wasted, not only not making the world a better place but in fact making it worse. When I tried to leave the cult they would send people to stalk me, call my family and accuse me of being a criminal, try and get me fired from jobs by calling me a sex offender (I'm not). I'm telling you there's good people in Scientology, just not the ones who run it

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Guest Guest_Jen_*

Hi everyone, I have been a fan of Will for some time and just discovered this website. This scientology thing is really disturbing. I'm sure Will is a good person and if he is opening a school, he must be doing it with good intention, he must be really trying to contribute, to help. Though I am not sure if he has mistrusted some scientology people.

Now this thing is spreading so quickly on the internet and so many people are saying that they are boycotting Will .... I am really scared. Really hope that Will realises how this thing is hurting him, and although I believe Will is funding the school with good intention, I think he should just stop this project ...

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Ok, I really hate this. We don't know what to believe, is this true, or just some bullsh*t spreading on the internet?...

The sad thing is that these rumors are all because of Tom Cruise... And, I'm not his biggest fan, but if Will continues to be friends with him... Well, these rumors will never stop. Of corse Will cant stop being friends with Tom... That would just make him a douche, and c'mon... It's one of his best friends, he will continue to support him and say that he's not a scientologist... I hope that the media gets tired of writing the scientology stuff about will in a few years...

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Ive not read all these links yet but i can imagine what they say. Im am starting to get a little worried, but the thing is, this is not the Will we know. Ok we dont know him, we only know who he is in public, but ive heard him talk a lot and scientology is not something that Will would get into.

This is gonna seriously damage his career, especially now this has come out with hancock on the way. Will needs to do something drastic to stop these rumours. Thing is tho, if scientology is as dangerous as people say, what would they do to him if he speaks out against them. He must be in a very difficult position.

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