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Im gonna take my vid cam to London. Probably wont be worrying too much about getting a good shot though, just having fun.

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Could be really bad news here I'm just hoping its untrue...

Hancock May Be In Trouble

Disturbing news from the realm of Will Smith’s superhero movie Hancock. The movie’s world premiere had been scheduled to happen next month in Australia. Everyone from Will Smith to Peter Berg was scheduled to attend, but now not so much. The film’s premiere has been unceremoniously cancelled.

What’s really worrisome here is the reason it may have been cancelled. Our sources tell us they aren’t having the premiere, because the movie won’t be ready. It won’t be ready because they won’t have a print, and they won’t have a print, because rumor is that the movie is headed for re-shoots. There may be problems with Hancock.

The film is set to open worldwide on July 2nd, which makes this a bit late to be pulling the thing out of the can and re-shooting it. On the other hand, there were rumors that Will Smith’s last film I Am Legend went through similar troubles, and that ultimately turned out pretty good. If this is true, maybe it’ll be for the best.


Now they did reshoots last week..aUSTRalian premiere is june 10..surely it doesn't take 3/4 weeks to add that in.. and

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This is really bad news if its true. Fans have already made plans to get to this, and it could have a knock on effect for future premiers.

Lets hope its not official news yet

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