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Will Smith will be Barack Obama


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That's just one of those "maybe films", but Will could be Barack Obama on a biopic of him.

Obama said: "Will and I had talk about it, because he's got a lot of talent and appropiate ears too, he joked" .

Here's the link (in spanish):


This web says too that Will will play Captain America,but I don't even think about this could be true... :susel[1]:

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This'd be a good idea for Will to consider, this Obama campaign has been inspiring

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Who's Michelle Obama's Celebrity Crush?

Senator Barack Obama isn't the only one in his family who's a fan of Will Smith -- his wife Michelle names the A-lister as her celebrity crush.

"I think it's the ears," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "I think it's the ears. I'm drawn to the ears. Obviously!"


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