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Yo, loving the free download on your album. I definitely agree a lot more people will hear it if it is free.

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Just has to be mastered and duplicated so not long now! Believe me I want it out there real bad! I've just sent Tim a copy today for review so hopefully he should have it posted in the next few days or so!! :stickpoke:

Watch this space!

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How bout an unmastered copy for the Tastic one tommorow Brakes? You know i'll purchase a full version when its done anyway. Thinking of throwing together a bit of a video diary together for our day tommorow. Might need some tunes to stick over some clips.

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What can i say, the unmastered version on first listen has hit home pretty darn quickly. Tight flow and rhymes from Brakes. Great hooks and choruses, and don't get me started on the quality of beats. Seems your talent has found a producer of a similar caliber.

Youll just love the beat on the Kel Spencer track, a proper throwback to classic JJFP style.

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