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Could it be possible that Will does a performance together with Kanye West at he VMA's? P. Diddy did something like that before two years...when he surprisingly performed with Usher, Busta Rhymes...
Something like that would be great because Will could promote his new single switch!
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I think Kanye is good...but i don't really want him 2 rap along side FP. The production i've heard from him is great...lots of his songs are good 2, but i don't care 2 hear them record 2gether that much. There like 50 other artists i'd like 2 hear him record with b4 Kanye. If FP would be performing on TV, i definitly would want him 2 handle the performance himself (or with Jeff). If he waz gonna perform with someone else, i'd want it 2 be and established artist. I think Kanye might cheapen his performance...especially after that recent post about him performing 4 that church.
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